Coors Light — Search for the Coldest

It looks like the Silver Bullet is in search for some riding tunes! MCs can upload their best original track to to join an online campaign where fans will vote for their favorites.The top winners from the north, south, midwest and west will open for N.E.R.D. and Pac Div during the Search for the Coldest tour in Atlanta, New York City and Baltimore. When I first saw this, I thought that it would be like the Miller High Life Sponsorship or Heineken’s Red Star Soul Inspire (you have to be 21 years old on facebook), but it is more of a wicked combination of both!

“Hip Hop has fueled innovation in music across the globe and we’re excited to work with Universal Music Group to help find the next, Coldest MC.” — Sheldon Boyea, African-American Brand Manager Marketer for MillerCoors. In an effort to gain more minority consumers, I think this is a pretty dope way of doing it.

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