Scavenger Hunt in a Hotel While Hungover

The much-anticipated Hangover II doesn’t come to the big screen until May 26th, but fans of the movie can start preparing for the epicness now! 7-11 and have pushed their way into the four best friend’s circle. 7-11 along with SCVNGR teamed up to create a game using a mobile scavenger hunt application. To play, just download the app, check in to different 7-11’s and complete tasks like, taking a picture with a Super Big Gulp featuring a character from the movie to earn points. Fans can cash in points for prizes including temporary tattoos, T-shirts, 7-Eleven gift cards, movie tickets and a chance to win a Las Vegas trip. That’s not all though! If you “like” the 7-11 Facebook page, you can send your friends “Get Well Hangover Cards” that help piece together whatever happened the night before.

Out of all the fan interaction to go with the movie, took the cake! is so dope! First you put your face a characters body then you have the choice of traveling to Paris, New York City or Las Vegas where you stay in a hotel, wake up the next morning and relive all the crazy shit that happened the night before!

Even Dennis Rodman was with me in Paris!

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