I Tag You, You Hire Me!

This week Facebook enabled a feature that allows regular users to tag different brand and celebrity pages in their pictures. At first I thought it was lame because, is Kanye West or Nike really going to look at my pictures? But then I stated to think how I could use it in my search for an internship and the idea of bringing the different agencies I’ve applied for to me popped in my head! In conjunction with me going from website to website and searching for positions, why not also bring the employer to a custom page that displays why they should hire me and do a little social media interacting on Facebook and Twitter. I’m still in the process of tagging more employer pages, but so far the response has been better than I expected!

Please let me know if you have any suggestions on how I could improve this idea!

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4 Responses to I Tag You, You Hire Me!

  1. Kiesh says:

    you’re so smart.. this is an awesome idea Dev!! hella proud (:

  2. Alex Braun says:


    It’s a pretty creative concept, and I think it could actually be somewhat effective right now — especially if you’re looking for a job that’s related to social media in any way. But it’ll probably garner less attention once employers start getting flooded with this type of stuff every hour of the day. And Facebook is getting smarter about deactivating profiles with unrealistic names.

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