This is How You Sonic?

Now that the world didn’t end, (today at least) we only have 20 hours until we can all make our own Sonic commercials! The actors in Sonic commercials are always hilarious so I’m excited to see what the restaurant is stirring up in the kitchen. *Cue Montell Jordan — “This Is How You Sonic“*

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65 Responses to This is How You Sonic?

  1. tyler frederickson says:

    there should be a person that drinks a green apple cream slush than loves it so much he turns in to some thing green like the hulk.

  2. Carhop skater says:

    a carhop skating to give out an order and trips off the curb and falls with the tray up in the air perfectly fine (customers watching the whole time) and den pops up like nothing happened skates to give out (newest things on the menu) the customers (guy and girl) take the food and or drinks and look at eatchother then at the carhop and say “gatta love the dedication at sonic

  3. sara says:

    sup my r name is sara

  4. CH says:

    these commercials are AWFUL! the vampire, the exploding burger, YUK!! and the ice cream/oreo kiss PAHLEEZE
    get the guys back, please!

  5. Chastity says:

    someone should eat a chicken wrap and try to make their own by buying a chicken and wrapping it in a giant tortilla. or someone wearing a peanut butter and jelly like with bff and stuff and then their bff wearing a vaniulla ice cream and oreo shirt and being like….akward…

  6. Laniee says:

    Yall are crazzi !!!

  7. dondre says:


  8. Dustin Carlton says:

    one person is drinking a shake or icy and they talk about brain freezes and he looks over and the other guys head is frozen and its so heavy his head hits the window, it shatters and then his head falls and hits the dashboard.

  9. Tambra says:

    It’s some kind of Goblin. With molds and hair.

  10. benzo says:

    2 dudes blazing up and eating sonic

  11. benzo says:

    2 dudes blazing up eating sonic

  12. I can’t wait. see you later
    – Ladybug505bugit

  13. sergio says:

    y not try to use a idea of a hungry hamburger

  14. Collydog379 says:

    can i come in to this

  15. michael says:

    you guys should have on when a pig orders a bacon burger and when he eats it he thinks it taste really good then when the tell him that he eating his own kind he starts to eat him self

  16. Tristen says:

    Sonic should have a commercial where a chicken is dressed up as a human, Then when he takes a bite of your Chicken Strips His disguise falls off. Then at the end it says: IT BRINGS OUT THE CHICKEN IN EVERYONE

  17. ciara says:

    sonic sould have a commercial where a hot dog and a pickle are sitting in a car and the hot dog eats the pickle.

  18. Erin Ball says:

    the wight filling is a twister and the choklet is a monster that is going to distro it so the oreo jumps up to atake it and they mix toguther and there u have it

  19. Erin Ball says:

    i thinke there should be this volcano and i littel kid puts the white filling in the volcano and then he puts the oreo in and when it exsplods the white stuff mix up with the oreo and there u go 🙂

  20. justin valdez says:

    someone works on a farm then he looks at a pig and 1 hour later you see a nice bacon buger and eats it up and then the wife comes in and fights for the rest

  21. jorge says:

    they should make two guys and one girl n a hot summer day n they get a slushy and then the driver turns into a snowman !!!

  22. brenn says:

    i think you should have one whare the two guys from the original comercial and the couple meet and they start comparing who has the bigest fries or milk shake or coney or cherries in there bannana split or bananas in there banana split or split in there bannana split……….ha ha that would sale!! then whare the girl from the gum comercial comes out at the end and says “dirty mouth? clean it with ooo-reo blast ha ha ..

  23. brenn says:

    yea thats it

  24. usef says:

    Well i came up with this thought that me my brother and my sister.Am a strawberry my brother is a red raspberry and my sister is a blueberry and we wrestle and we run into each other and explode.

  25. usef cruz says:

    I call it a berry slush

  26. usef cruz says:

    Well i came up with this idea that me my sister and my brother have a berry bash.Like am a strawberry my sister is a red raspberry and my brother is a blue berry.And we wrestle and we run into each other and explode i call it berry slush

  27. Faith says:

    for the Blt the baken is driving lettice is in the frount tomato is in the back the car is the bread then they crash into a sonic and when the dust go’s away it’s only a blt sand wich

  28. gabe says:

    This is how i sonic. I just got bit by a spider and it got infected and the doctor said he might have to amputate my foot. I was in the hospital for 5 days i was able to keep my foot thank God! When I got out before I went to get my prescriptions I went strait to sonic and got me one of the new onionring bacon burgers, put jalepeno’s and sonic bar b que sauce on it and inhaled it! That’s how I Sonic

  29. tim ennis says:

    ok a husband and wife are sitting the car eatting a blazing bbq burger the husband says this blazing bbq burger is hotter than heeeeeell as the car catches fire and falls through the earth and lands in a pit of fire with the devil standing over them eatting a blazing bbq burger and says this blazing bbq burger is hotter than heeeeell and blows flames out of his mouth

  30. Sonia says:

    ok so the contest starts in 20 hours or ends in 20 hours?? someone help me I’m so lost… 😦

  31. you should have giant ball try a burger and when he try’s it he pops

  32. you should have a giant ball roll and get a burger thats spice than make it pop

  33. tinkerbell says:

    these boyfriend and girlfriend go to sonic and get ice cream the girlfriend gets a hot fudge sunday and turns into hot fudge and the boyfriend oreo blast and turns into a oreo

  34. I LOVE SONIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. you should have a peace of corn who just got done eating a hot thing than he says i have heartburn 5 seconds later pop he pops into a piece of popcorn

  36. jaih-lan says:

    hiya that end of the world thing is bogus noboby knows when jesus will come back they drove

  37. aneesah says:

    i want to make a

  38. daniel cool says:

    It would be cool if there was a comerical that had the sonic orignal burger in it. For example: Daniel+heart=sonic orginal burger. Come to sonic because its that good.

  39. daniel cool says:

    If you never tasted a sonic burger you don’t know what your missing. Come to sonic where the service is friendly and the food always taste great.

  40. zataniel says:

    dacing and someonefalls becuse burger

  41. Toxic Zombies127 says:


  42. denisse says:

    I think they sould make one where a wizard is drinking a strabery smothy and for him its a mgic potion and then he turnes into a strabery

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