Who the Champs Wore

A big part of being an intercollegiate student-athlete is wearing some of the hottest gear athletic brands have to offer. Whether it is Nike sponsoring the Oregon Men’s Football team or Under Armour dressing the University of South Carolina’s Baseball team, having your brand on a national stage year in and year out, is one of the best marketing strategies possible. At the beginning of each athletic season it’s like a fashion show to see which player from which team is rocking the latest sneakers or cleats. But despite looking good, does it matter what brand your team is playing in? Will being equipped by “THAT” athletic apparel company really help you win games?

Heres a smorgasbord of Division 1 men’s and women’s teams that won their respective NCAA Championship this past school year and the brand that outfitted them:

Auburn Football: Under Armour

Penn State Volleyball: Nike

Northwestern Women’s Lacrosse: Adidas

Virginia Men’s Lacrosse: Nike

Notre Dame Women’s Soccer: Adidas

Akron Men’s Soccer: Adidas

Texas A&M Women’s Basketball: Adidas

UConn Men’s Basketball: Nike

Arizona State Softball: Nike

South Carolina Baseball: Under Armour

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