Nike’s Epic Transformation Coming to a Sunday Near You

Well, I mentioned this in my last post and as soon as I said it, Nike did it. Is this video (narrated by who sounds like all time great, Michael Irvin) telling us that Nike is the official equipment sponsor for the NFL starting in 2012?? I can remember Nike being the official equipment sponsor years ago, but that was before they started the Pro Combat College uniforms. I really hope Nike doesn’t ruin years of tradition and customs in our great game of American Football. Time will tell and if the uniforms look good I will be a fan, but if not…

Oakland Raider Jersey’s maybe?

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Ready for Combat

Every single one of these uniforms is super wet and I love how Nike is unveiling them. Under Armour tried their hardest to replicate a Nike Pro Combat Uniform, but in my opinion failed miserably. Also, if Nike does take over the contract as the official supplier of the NFL’s equipment, I hope the uniforms never look like these because these are special to the college game and should not be tainted by the NFL’s greed. But any who check these sweet sets out!

“Anchoring a nation”

“Black Knights”

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The Future is Right Below Us

Shouts out to Nike and Wieden + Kennedy for making these promo videos. I understand that this shoe has a lot of history behind (or in front of) it, but without a doubt these videos make this horrifically ugly shoe SWAG out 10x’s more! After watching these spots, I think even my size 14 foot would look great in them.

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Earthquake vs. Twitter

I am proud to say that I was part of this somewhat virus epidemic spreading looking visualization.

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Empowering Confidence & Exceeding Expectations

Two creative events that I would love to not only attend, but also present/speak or even be awarded at are the Cannes Lions and the Aspen Ideas Festival. Both embody the spirit of ground breaking innovation, the naiveness to actually do it and the knowledge to be successful at it. Here are a couple quotes from this years Aspen Ideas Festival.

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One Big Room, Full of Creativity

Creative minds live together and it is always nice to see ideas being bounced and spread around. The advancement of creativity is not about the present minute, but more about the solving of future problems that will propel us forward. In these two awesome videos, Pharrell Williams speaks with Digitas and Vevo about how brands can work better with musicians. I believe brand marketing and the music industry go together like cookies and milk. In order for either one to be successful and create a lasting positive relationship with the consumer, at least one of the five senses must be persuaded.

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Her Booty Smell Like Rose Petals!

It’s amazing how fast trends can grow through social media! This month alone we’ve been lawyers in the Casey Anthony trial, patriots while the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team played, nerds for the opening of Harry Potter and dummies when we planked in the middle of the street, but now to kill a couple more brain cells I bestow unto you #BSGD! Although it sounds like it, #BSGD or Booty Smell Good Doe is not from the famous Based God, butt from some white boys out in Cali. Before you prejudge this soon to be trending hash tag check out the videos below and their website

“Final Destination 5 is played out, but dat Booty Smell Good Doe! #BSGD”

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